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Citadel Colour: Contrast

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Contrast is a revolutionary paint that makes beautiful painting simple and fast. Each Contrast paint, when applied over a light undercoat of Grey Seer or Wraithbone, gives you a vivid base and realistic shading all in a single application.

The Citadel Contrast system is the best way to get your models looking awesome, fast. Simple use one thick coat of Contrast over primer of each of your colours, to get your models Battle Ready! Then, if you like, take them further with a few additional steps like edge highlighting or dry brushing, to get your army Parade Ready.

Contrast comes in 18ml Citadel Pots. It can be applied directly with a brush from the pot onto a primed model, or thinned down with Contrast Medium to lighten the colour tones. Photos are not representative of the colours of the paint in the pots or final look once applied.

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