Infinity: Operation Blackwind

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Everything you need to play Infinity CodeOne and dive into the rich Infinity universe in a box. Choose a Side! ALEPH or Haqqislam?

14 miniatures, rules, new scenery and game accessories.

It includes the exclusive miniature Pandora, Iatromantis of the Steel Phalanx, that you can only get during the pre-order and for free!

Box contains:

  • 3x Thorakites
  • 1x Ekdromos Hacker
  • 1x Agêma Marksman
  • 1x Hoplite
  • 1x Thyreos
  • 3x Daylami
  • 1x Barid Hacker
  • 1x Lasiq
  • 1x Nadhir
  • 1x Bokhtar

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