Welcome to another Torchlight Age of Sigmar Tournament! Rally your army, warm up your dice, and get ready to have fun!

Please read all tournament rules carefully. Email any questions to AOS@torchlightgh.com


Tournament Rules

General Rules

Rule of Thumb: Have fun! Please treat each other, staff members, and organizers with respect. While this is a competitive format with prizing, we are also here for a good time (and hopefully good stories). The tournament will enforce the ITC code of conduct, which can be found here.

Format: This will be a 3 game Rogue Trader Tournament (RTT). The missions will be drawn from whatever the current GW Generals Handbook is at the time of the posting of this. Pairings will be run through Best Coast Pairings (BCP). For players participating in ITC, ITC points will be awarded. New Battletome's are eligible for use if they were released 1 week before the event.

Judging: There will be an active judging stance at this event. While the judge(s) will not be looking to intervene, they may step in to adjudicate disputes and help speed up rulings. Calling over a judge to help with a ruling is encouraged, and will not be held against anyone.

Dice: We ask that players use one type/colour of dice so that opponents and judges can clearly see what numbers are showing. If your dice has a symbol for 6 or 1, it must be consistent across all your dice (exception for Miracle dice, wound markers, etc.). Dice must be rolled in a location visible to your opponent.

Timing: Tournament rounds will be 3 hours, 10 minutes of this will be used for setting up the table/objectives/terrain. Clocks MUST be used with 1:25 on each players clock. We have 8 clocks at the store, if you own your own please bring them.

Prizing: No player can win more than one award

Podium Placings: Prizing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Determined by the greatest number of wins with Battle Points as the next placings metric.

Favourite Opponent: Players will vote on their favourite opponent.

Best Appearance: Judge’s pick chosen from a combination of painting, display board, and theme.

Average Joe: Player that scored in the middle of overall scores

Random Draw: Random prize(s) for those who did not get another prize listed above

Army Selection:

  • Armies will be comprised of up to 2000 points using composition rules in the Pitched Battles section of the current General’s Handbook.
  • Allegiance Abilities, Artifacts, Spells, Grand Strategies, Command Traits, Enhancements, Mount Traits, Spells, prayers, etc. must be included in your lists when you turn in your lists for the tournament.
  • These will not change throughout the course of the tournament.

Painting & Conversion Rules

Torchlight is proud to be home to a great community of hobbyists. We encourage participants to play with the models they have worked on. Therefore, the following rules will apply.

Conversions: Converted, 3rd party, or scratch-built models are admissible, provided they are similar in size and shape to the original (ie. a sword replacing a sword). All models MUST be on the their intended base size. You can check base sizes by visiting GW's official webstore and searching for the model in question. If you have any questions regarding your models, please send pictures and details to AOS@torchlightgh.com for approval.

3D Prints: Players are asked to have the MAJORITY of their army consisting of GW miniatures. 3D prints to replace bits, weapons, or have a unique alternate sculpt for a character or model here or there is admissable. An army comprised of a large amount of 3D printed or 3rd party models is NOT ALLOWED.

Painting: Players are ASKED to have a GW 3-colour minimum (wash/shade does not count as a colour) on all their models. Models that are not fully painted can still be used. There will be a prize for Best Painted Army, voted on by Judges. Voting will occur at lunch, and winner announced at end of day.


All missions will be drawn from th current GHB

Please ensure you review this prior to the tournament.


Lines of Communication


Geomantic Pulse


Fountains of Frost

Terrain & Objective Rules

Terrain Rules:

  • Every table will be set-up with terrain prior to the start of the RTT. Ignore the “Terrain Features” section on page 11 of the GHB. Furthermore, players will not be setting up the terrain at the beginning of each game as described under “The Battlefield” section of each GHB battleplan.
  • If a player has faction terrain that is placed prior to set up, that player may switch it with a terrain to allow faction terrain to fit. We ask that you use common sense here, please be careful with the terrain and place it back once you are finished.

Please consult a TO if there is a dispute. Similarly, if an objective marker cannot sit flat, or if an objective marker interacts with a terrain feature in a way that will lead to a negative play experience (on a hill, etc.), players may nudge terrain to accommodate the objective marker as long as both players agree

  • Mysterious terrain rules WILL NOT be used.


Defensible Terrain:

  • There will be a variety of types of terrain features used at the RTT. Use rule 17.1.2 as a guide for what is and is not defensible. If there is still a question, we encourage players to resolve the issue between themselves. If there is still a dispute, the TO will decide if a terrain piece is defensible.


  • The battleplan being used for the battle will show or explain how objectives are placed. (See 28.2.3 of the core rules). When measuring distance to and from objectives, always measure to and from the centre of the objective marker. If an objective is placed on the border between two territories, it is considered to be within both of them.
  • After set-up is complete but before the first battle round begins, each player gains control of all objectives that are within 6” of any friendly models and more than 6” from all enemy models. In addition, at the end of each turn (after the battleshock phase), you must check to see if you have gained control of any objectives. To do so, you must count the number of friendly models that are contesting each objective (see 18.1.2 of the core rules). You gain control of an objective if there are more friendly models contesting it than enemy models. Once you gain control of an objective, it remains under your control until your opponent gains control of it.

Army List Submissions

List Submission:

  • Lists must be submitted by 11:59pm EST Marc 14 VIA BCP. All lists are to be in text format from Warscroll Builder or the Official AOS App 
  • Any other format will not be accepted and result in a penalty of -5 points from your overall score.
  • Please remember to list your Allegiance, Command Traits, Artefacts, Prayers, Lores/Spells, Realm, etc. Although the Organizers will be checking lists, failure to list all your relevant information may result in not being able to use the item/prayer/spell etc. for that character or unit.
  • An army that is found to be illegal during the tournament, over in points, or otherwise misleading will be disqualified from the event - it is your responsibility to make sure your army is legal before you come to the event!

Round Scoring


  • We will be using normal GHB Scoring
  • If 1 player forfeits without playing that player will recieve 0 points and their opponent 80% rounding up of the missions max bp (including battle tactics and grand strategies)
  • Score fixing or any deliberate attempt to manipulate the Battle Points without playing a full game (e.g., you and your opponent decide to both get their battle tactics and do not play the last two turns) will result in a score of 0 for both players in that game with possible elimination from the tournament.
  • The BCP app will be used to keep track of Battle Points and pairings. In the event of uneven player numbers, anyone playing the “ringer” cannot get less than 15 Battle Points for that game.