Torchlight is kicking off Season Three of the Conquest League! This is an organized play experience aimed at fostering a gaming community for Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings. Learn the game as you battle for honor and exclusive prizes. Veterans and beginners welcome!

Season Three is divided into 5 rounds, each lasting 2 weeks. During each round, players will be match agaist a opponent, to play a game in a tournament setting. Players will also be awared points for building and painting, the players at the end of the league will be awared prizing for the following catagories.  

Podium Posting, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Favorite Opponent, Most Improved,Wooden Spoon(Lowest Scoring/Loses), and Best Painted.

Round 1 will begin on Thursday, February 29th. Late registrations will be open until the end of round 4.

Signup are $20, link at the bottom of this page!


Round prizes: upgrade packs, deck boxes, and card sleeves.

Grand prizes: Exclusive hero models for Weaver Courts, Old Dominion, and Free Cities

Painting Prizes: Redgrass wet palette, paint packs.



The League is scored each round.

Please see our Player Package for More details for More details, or the bottom of the page.


Round 1 (Aug 16 - Aug 29)

Round 2 (Aug 30 - Sep 13)

Round 3 (Sep 14 - Sep 27)

Round 4 (Sep 28 - Oct 10)

Round 5 (Oct 11 - Oct 24)

Round 6 (Oct 25 - Nov 8)

League Structure

        The league is structured essentially as a Grand Tournament over an extended period of time. There will be 4 rounds which will last 2 weeks per round wrapping up in November. All pairings and scoring will be done with BCP. Once the pairings are completed, players will have the full 2 week period of time to arrange and play their games. Failure to arrange a game will result in a Failure to Arrange, which is negative 2 points, for both or either player that failed to arrange any game. Torchlight would be your common meeting place. Thursdays at Torchlight are reserved for Conquest: TLAoK, however you are welcome to schedule games on other days. Friday’s and Saturday’s Torchlight is open until 11pm. If players cannot meet at Torchlight, players are welcome to set up a secondary meeting. Lists can be changed in between rounds, lists are to be submitted at the end of each round.

        Scoring for the league will be based on the individual battleplans and will be scored using battle points accrued in the game. In the case of a draw, the winner will be determined by objectives held at End of Game, second tie breaker most regiments killed. If this is equal, roll off. Wins are worth 3 League points, losses are worth 2 League points.

        This is a Slow Grow league, with the goal of fleshing out an existing army, or encouraging players to start a new army. In addition to the playing games, players will be awarded:

  • 1 League point for assembling any Minimum Sized Unit.
  • 1 Point for painting a Infantry or Brute Stands
  • 3 Points for any Monster Stands points.
  • 1 Sportsmanship point, awarded by your opponents.
  • -2 points for Failure to Arrange any games


        As this is a Slow Grow league, it also has the goal of getting each player to 2000 points by the last round. The rounds will be as follows, with two week intervals;

  • Round 1: 1000 Points
  • Round 2: 1250 Points
  • Round 3: 1500 Points
  • Round 4: 1750 Points
  • Round 5: 2000 Points


Army Composition

  • Armies must be used with the Parabellum App or Army Builder.
  • Models are to be built.
  • 3D printed models are acceptable with pre-approval. Ideally 10% or less of your army can be 3d printed.
  • Cloned items are not acceptable.
  • Models do not have to be painted however there will be a player voted paint competition at the end of the season.Factions are locked in at the beginning of each round.



  • Round 1( February 29th - March 10th) - Echelon
  • Round 2(March 10th - March 24th) - Maelstrom
  • Round 3(March 24th - April 7th) -Off Balance
  • Round 4(April 7th - April 21th) - Grind them Down
  • Round 5(April 21th - May 5th) - Divide and Conquer
  • Each round begins and end at 9 pm Sunday


Prizing(Categories may vary pending league size)

  • Best General (Overall score/wins)
  • 2nd place overall
  • 3rd place overall
  • Favorite Opponent
  • Most Improved
  • Wooden Spoon(Best 0-5)
  • Army Paint competition
  • Additional Random draws.

Each player can only win one prize.


        This league is meant to have a tournament type setting but we do encourage new players to give it a try to help build the community and because of that, there will be gaps in player skill in the earlier rounds. So with that said I would like to ask players to do their best to help newer and less experienced players with the game. For Example if you would wheel a unit, talk the wheel out with your opponent before moving. Be courteous when a new player is deploying units, and allow a player to redeploy, or redo that activation.

        “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

        We would love to help grow the competitive community in a healthy way and encouraging players to help each other is a great starting point. As a whole, let’s make each other better players.

        There will be sportsmanship and player scoring throughout the league and as things progress we are constantly looking at ways to improve and grow as a community with player feedback to address potential issues.


Building and Painting Submission

        Please submit photos of any units built, or painted, by posting photos of them on our discord with the tags @conquest League, @jj, @torchlight Games and Hobbies. Or by submitting them to the Conquest League email conquest@torchlightgh.com. Please note, that any photo's will be shared on the Facebook Page, Ontario Conquest Players, and Torchlight Games and Hobbies pages and discord.