Torchlight is kicking off Season Two of the Conquest League! This is an organized play experience aimed at fostering a gaming community for Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings. Learn the game as you battle for honor and exclusive prizes. Veterans and beginners welcome!

Season Two is divided into 6 rounds, each lasting 2 weeks. During each round, participants can play and score up to two games. The highest scoring players of each round will each receive a prize. At the end of round 6, the players with the highest cumulative score will receive a special prize!

There will be 3 Tournaments that take place during the League period. Tournaments are optional, and does not contribute towards your league score.

Round 1 will begin on Saturday, June 4th. Late registrations will be open until the end of round 4. Signup for FREE at the bottom of this page!


Round prizes: upgrade packs, deck boxes, and card sleeves.

Grand prizes: Exclusive hero models for Weaver Courts, Old Dominion, and Free Cities

Painting Prizes: Redgrass wet palette, paint packs.



In each League Round, your first two games will be scored.

Victory: 4 Points

Tie: 3 Points

Loss: 2 Points

Fully painted & based army: 2 Points (bonus)

Round 1 (Aug 16 - Aug 29)

Round 2 (Aug 30 - Sep 13)

Round 3 (Sep 14 - Sep 27)

Round 4 (Sep 28 - Oct 10)

Round 5 (Oct 11 - Oct 24)

Round 6 (Oct 25 - Nov 8)

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Please Note: All games must be played in-store to be scored.