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Battle Company Story


Your company’s most recent exploits have taken them towards the north of Middle-earth, and after wandering the wilderness for a few days, they have reached the village of Bree. Weary from their travels, the company decides to pay a visit to the Prancing Pony in order to rest, restock their supplies, and enjoy good food and ale (all good stories begin in the pub, after all). The company are met with strange glances and muttering under breath; those within the tavern are unused to strangers in their lands and are suspicious of the group.

Not wanting to draw too much attention, the company finds a quiet corner of the Pony to sit down in and begin to talk amongst themselves about their finds from their most recent outing. As the hours go by, the spirits of the company rise; the warmth of the fire and the plentiful spread contributing greatly. Soon the company is singing songs from their lands, and telling stories of their past adventures. Whilst many of the Breelanders ignore the company, the odd one or two listen intently, hanging on every word.

Amid the raucous singing and tales of grandeur, the leader of your company is approached by an old man leaning heavily upon his walkingstick. The man’s face is mostly concealed by a long grey beard and faint blue hood that matched the robes he is clothed in. Though he appears frail, the man speaks with authority; his voice commanding great respect.

He speaks to the company’s leader at length, regaling stories andmythsof a beast that roamed the lands near the northern-most peak of the Blue Mountains, and the treasure that lies within its lair, before leaving the company’s leader to his own thoughts.

With stories of treasure at the forefront of his mind, the company’s leader gathers his companions, informing them of what he has just learned from the mysterious old man. The company engages in much discussion about the likelihood of this story being true, and if so, what they should do. In the end, they decide that if the treasure is even half of what the tales say, then it is simply too much to ignore and leave in the northern mountains.

They decide to venture north and lay claim to the treasure for their masters,and the glories that go with it. Sending a message home to their lord, the company orders another roundofale, from a now very tired Barliman Butterbur, and begin laying the plans for their long journey to the very north of the Blue Mountains…

And now with our story set..
its time to meet the Leaders and their Companies.

Each of them, a group of brave adventurers in their own right. Wondering far from home on a quest for Adventures, Riches, or Revenge. Theres no Heroes or Villains in this story, just the epic journey of each company of Uruk-Hai, Men, Elves or Dwarves.

Will Shaheen Kyle David Greg John


Durin's Folk




Halls of Thranduil

2x Easterling Warrior with shield
2x Easterling Warrior
with pike & shield
2x Easterling Warrior with bow

1x Dwarf Warrior with shield
1x Dwarf Warrior with two-handed axe
1x Dwarf Warrior with Dwarf bow
1x Dwarf Ranger with Dwarf longbow
1x Dwarf Ranger with two-handed axe
1x Dwarf Ranger with throwing axes

2x Uruk-hai Scout
3x Uruk-hai Scout with shield
2x Uruk-hai Scout with Orc bow

2x Haradrim Warrior with spear
2x Haradrim Warrior with bow
2x Watcher of Kârna with twin blades
1x Watcher of Kârna with bow

1x Knight of Dol Amroth
3x Man-at-arms of Dol Amroth
2x Blackroot Vale Archer

2x Mirkwood Elf with shield
1x Mirkwood Elf with
Elven-made glaive
1x Mirkwood Elf with Elf bow
1x Mirkwood Ranger

Skirmish in Bree

The following morning, your company prepares to leave the Prancing Pony and begin the long journey north. Yet as they exit the front doors of the tavern, they become aware of a strange feeling that something is not quite the same in the village of Bree as it was the night before. The streets are quiet and very few of the locals can be seen. As the company looks closer at their surroundings, they notice in the alleyways and shadows that there are a collection of unpleasant looking men, many of which are clutching clubs, whips or other crude weaponry.

The company had not been as subtle with their planning as they had first thought, and word of the prosperity that their mission could yield has reached the ears of these Ruffians, who have decided that they quite fancy a share of the wealth that these outsiders clearly possess – and they do not want to wait long to get it.

Your company must now fight their way out of the village, through the rabble of Ruffians, and escape to the relative safety of the wilderness outside of Bree. Though these men are no match for the training of your company, their superior numbers could prove to be hard for the company to deal with…

Will: Afterbattle Report

Shaheen: The rufians were out for more than a drunken brawl, they straight up Murdered us...

Kyle: Afterbattle Report

David: Barely got out alive.

Greg: Afterbattle Report

John: Afterbattle Report

Ruins of Annúminas

Your company has spent many days trekking northwards into the ancient and forgotten realm of Arnor, and as they continue on their journey, they are drawn towards the great ruins of what clearly was a former city upon the shores of the Nenuial. The ruins are that of the ancient city of Annúminas, an ancient seat of power in Arnor before it fell into ruin and the kings moved to Fornost.

Though they have long since crumbled and faded, small hints of the former grandeur and extravagance of the halls that once stood here still lingers on, and the company stand in awe within the city's broken walls. However, the company soon realises that they are not alone within the ruins of Annúminas; the sound of metal scratching on stone and the unmistakable Orcish howls can be heard, and from deeper within the ruins afaint, eerie glow can be seen. Weary from their travels, the company is in desperate need of a place to rest, but they must clear the ruins of the Orcs or they will be cut to pieces as they sleep. They must now venture into the overgrown ruins of the once great city, clambering over the fallen stones, broken walls and gnarled roots to engage the Orcs, and whatever else they find, in a battle for control of this former seat of power.

Will: Afterbattle Report

Shaheen: Afterbattle Report

Kyle: Afterbattle Report

David: Afterbattle Report

Greg: Afterbattle Report

John: Afterbattle Report

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