Genesis BOC: Raze 24 Booster Box

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New in Box - the Plastic seal was damaged and has been removed.


The tribes have descended into war. Ammit, King of Vadhis seeks to rule all of Jaelara by crushing any who stand in his way. But the tide has begun to shift as new champions arise, including the king's own daughter, Princess Odara. In an act of betrayal, she leaves her father to join forces with the defiant champions of Vishud. Could this mark the end of the Tyrant King?

This item is a Booster Box, containing 24 Booster Packs.

A Booster packs contain 15 randomized cards.

  • Non-Epic packs: 1x Rare, 1x Starter/Tip/Token card, 3x Uncommons, and 10x Commons
  • Epic Packs: 1x Epic Rare, 1x Rare, 3x Uncommons, and 10x Commons

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