Genesis BOC: Welcome to Jaelara 24 Booster Box

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New in Plastic Wrap!

Genesis: Battle of Champions ™ is a Tactical Collectible Card Game, which combines concepts from collectible card games such as deck building, collecting, and rule text on the cards, along with familiarities of a tactical games. The tactical aspects of the game come through the addition of the arena, a 5x6 grid-style board that the core of the game takes place on. You and your summons get to move around the arena each turn, and you may cast spells or attack your enemies based on the distance and the direction you are facing. Also, players can change spots in the arena into walls, holes, or buildings with alteration cards! 

This item is a Booster Box, containing 24 Booster Packs.

A Booster packs contain 15 randomized cards.

  • 10 common cards

  • 1 champion/tip card

  • 3 uncommon cards

  • 1 rare card

1 in every 8 booster packs will contain an Epic Rare which will replace one of your Common cards.

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