Kill Team: Annual 2023: Season of the Gallowdark (Eng)

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Key Features

  • A Kill Team supplement, collating a whole season of teams, missions, and more
  • Full rules for all 10 kill teams from the Gallowdark season and Ashes of Faith
  • All Gallowdark killzone rules, Expedition campaigns, and a whopping 45 missions

Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of Gallowdark collects all the rules from the entire Gallowdark cycle in one tome. You'll find every kill team, mission, and killzone all together, plus the Inquisitorial Agent and Chaos Cult kill teams from Ashes of Faith. This comprehensive book lets you take your kill teams on an expedition deep into the claustrophobic interiors of a space hulk, with a huge variety of themed terrain rules and missions to explore.

Inside this 296-page softcover book, you’ll find:

  • Full rules for 10 kill teams (including datacards, Strategic and Tactical Ploys, equipment, and complete Spec Ops rules):
  • Imperial Navy Breachers, hardened voidfarers equipped for close-quarters boarding actions
  • Farstalker Kinbands, cunning Kroot mercenaries accompanied by savage pets
  • Kasrkin, elite veteran commandos of Cadia, well-armoured and armed to the teeth
  • Hierotek Circles, obsessive Necron Crypteks and their loyal cybernetic guardians
  • Hands of the Archon, covert Drukhari agents jockeying for prestige on clandestine missions
  • Exaction Squads, specialists of the Adeptus Arbites, trained for subjugation with extreme prejudice
  • Hearthkyn Salvagers, heavily-armed prospectors, scouting out plunder for the Leagues of Votann
  • Fellgor Ravagers, furious Beastmen raiders who seek to prove their strength to the Ruinous Powers
  • Inquisitorial Agents, versatile acolytes and requisitioned allies who put heretics to the torch
  • Chaos Cults, warpsworn fanatics that mutate into new and terrible forms

  • Rules for the walls and hatches of Killzone: Gallowdark, with Close Quarters rules for fighting in cramped conditions
  • Additional terrain rules for four supplementary killzones – Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall
  • Nine Critical Operations missions for Gallowdark games, offering balanced clashes with symmetrical objectives
  • Four Shadow Operations mission packs – Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall – each including nine themed missions, for a total of 36
  • Gallowdark Expedition campaign rules, allowing you to link your games together as you explore and salvage the space hulk

You'll need a copy of Kill Team Core Book to make use of this supplement.

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