MESBG Tournament Ticket - May 6th

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Click HERE to for rules, format, and procedures.

Any drops in the 14 days leading up to the event will not be refunded and the cost of the ticket will be rolled into the prize support for the event.

If this ticket is SOLD OUT - Please sign up for the wait list by selecting the NOTIFY ME WHEN BACK IN STOCK button on this page.


Lord of the Stores

Lord of the Stores will be a 3-part, 3-month event where players can attend various tournaments at different stores across Southern Ontario. It will be a way to get players out to help represent their local store, or just come for a good day of MESBG. At the end of the 3 events, the player who performed the best will receive bragging rights, and players will all have supported 3 great stores and no doubt had a great time doing it. Torchlight Games & Hobbies has been so lucky to be chosen as one of the stores to host a Lord of the Stores event.

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