MSG Gigantic Arms: Variable Frame System01 Garudagear (Beluga)

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Transform from fighter mode to humanoid mode!
A new series of completely redesigned transforming frames joins the M.S.G lineup.

Enjoy the freedom of poses possible thanks to the transforming frame and flexibility in each part.

Each joint uses the secure 5mm connection joint/point standard for greater user enjoyment. The compatibility with the separately sold M.S.G GIGANTIC ARMS and HEXA GEAR series allows for a greater variety of customization possibilities.

The exterior features a number of hard points (3mm connection points), which can be concealed with detail covers when not in use, for the perfect combination of beauty and augmentation.

The Variable Frame System, with its exceptional freedom granted by a multitude of 3mm and 5mm connection joints, also makes for an excellent transforming robot figure.

Combine this model with the large selection from the Weapon Unit series and create your own unique transforming mech!


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