Old Dominion: Hashashin/Cultists

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Much like the God himself, worship of Hazlia did not quite die in the aftermath of the Fall. Small isolated monasteries that worshiped their god and his apocalyptic vision survived by raiding, cannibalism and other methods too foul to describe. Once discovered, the fanatics among their number were selected and inducted into the mysteries of Hazlia’s deathly cult, promised ascension into his deathless ranks should they succeed in killing their target through whatever means they can muster. Today the Cultists and Hashashin operate independently of the undead Legions, sowing chaos and death ahead of their relentless advance. Elite and light troops, the Hashashin operate from the flanks of Legionnaire Regiments, patiently waiting for the opportunity to attack the enemy's vulnerable flanks. The Hashashin are the premier Old Dominion tool for dealing with early-game aggression!


  • 12x Hashsashin Miniatures
  • 2x Command Cards
  • 1x Assembly Instructions

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