Welcome to Torchlight’s October Warhammer 40K Tournament! Rally your army, warm up your dice, and get ready to have fun!

Please read all tournament rules carefully. Email any questions to 40K@torchlightgh.com

Tournament Update - as there is currently no GW FAQ covering certain interactions the following rule will apply - for all strategums that allow players to remove a unit at the end of the turn (Orks, Tyrannids, GSC) please note that you can not use the strategum on the turn it arrives from reserve/deepstrike, and can only be used once per turn. This is to keep with the spirit of the game, and with precedent from other strategums that have been FAQd already. If you are unclear about this in game, please ask the TO for clarification


Tournament Rules

General Rules

Rule of Thumb: Have fun! Please treat each other, staff members, and organizers with respect. While this is a competitive format with prizing, we are also here for a good time (and hopefully good stories). The tournament will enforce the ITC code of conduct, which can be found here.

Format: This will be a 3 game Rogue Trader Tournament (RTT). The missions and secondaries will be drawn from the WarZone Nachmund GT Pack. Pairings will be run through Best Coast Pairings (BCP) using the following method: Win, Win Path, Random Pairings. For players participating in ITC, ITC points will be awarded.

Lunch Break: There are many food opportunities in our plaza. They are nearly all open for you to stay and eat within and so we ask you that you please do not bring outside food back into Torchlight. This goes for any day of the week outside of the tournament as well.

Drinks are permitted of course, and water will be supplied during the event.

Judging: There will be an active judging stance at this event. While the judge(s) will not be looking to intervene, they may step in to adjudicate disputes and help speed up rulings. Calling over a judge to help with a ruling is encouraged, and will not be held against anyone.

Dice: We ask that players use one type/colour of dice so that opponents and judges can clearly see what numbers are showing. If your dice has a symbol for 6 or 1, it must be consistent across all your dice (exception for Miracle dice, wound markers, etc.). Dice must be rolled in a location visible to your opponent.

Chess Clocks: To ensure each player has equal time to score points, chess clocks are mandatory for this tournament. Tournament rounds will be 3 hours. At the beginning of each round, 10 minutes will be allotted for setting up terrain and exchanging army list info. Each player will have 1 hour and 25 minutes on their clock. Clocks can only be paused by the judge.

Once the 3 hours are over, a Hard Dice Down policy will be enforced.

Bring: Dice, Tape Measure, Water, small snack, codecies/supplement books, battery pack, tokens for abilities and auras etc, and any other gaming aids you may require

Painting & Conversion Rules

Torchlight is proud to be home to a great community of hobbyists. We encourage participants to play with the models they have worked on. Therefore, the following rules will apply.

Conversions: GW models must be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Converted, 3rd party, or scratch-built models are admissible, provided they are similar in size and shape to the original (ie. a sword replacing a sword). All models MUST be on the their intended base size. You can check base sizes by visiting GW's official webstore and searching for the model in question. If you have any questions regarding your models, please send pictures and details to 40k@torchlightgh.com for approval.

Painting: Players are asked to have a GW 3-colour minimum Battle Ready (wash/shade does not count as a colour) on all their models. Click here for an example of Battle Ready Standard. Models that are not fully painted can still be used, however 10 points for Battle Ready will not be awarded. There will be a prize for Best Painted Army, voted on by attendees and TO(s). Voting will occur at lunch (via QR code) and winner announced at end of day.


All missions will be drawn from the GW Grand Tournament 2021 Pack. Please ensure you review this prior to the tournament.


Secure Missing Artifacts


Death and Zeal


Data Scry Salvage

Terrain Rules

This event will use player-placed terrain. Please use the following instructions:

  1. After players have rolled off to determine attacker and defender (but before the first model is deployed), players will alternate placing terrain on the table on their side of the centerline, starting with the defender. All provided terrain must be deployed.
  2. 3" Radius from the center point of the board will be a no mans land and no terrain can be placed in that 6" diamater bubble
  3. Once a terrain feature has been placed, it cannot be moved. (Exception: if there is absolutely no way to finish deploying. Please ask a judge to help with adjusting terrain.)
  4.  Ruins and Containers must be deployed at least 6" away from each other. One edge of the Ruin/Crate must be at least 6" away from the table edge, while the other edges must be at least 4" away from table edge.
  5.  Forests and Craters/Debris must be must be at least 2" away from any terrain feature or table edge.
  6. If players wish to bring fortifications, they may place it on the table during terrain placement to ensure they fit, but then remove them to be deployed as per their rules. Fortifications must be at least 3" away from other terrain features, unless their rules specify otherwise.


Scaleable, Breachable, Light Cover, Defensible, Obscuring

2/3 Storey Ruin

Note: cover is only granted if you are WHOLLY WITHIN the inside footprint of the terrain feature, or WHOLLY on the base


Scalable, Exposed Positions, Light Cover

A set of containers comprises 3 pieces. Must be deployed with the long side down on the table (stacked is acceptable as long as long side is facing down)


Area terrain, breachable, Defensible, Dense Cover, Difficult Ground

Trees may be removed for easier placement of models.


Craters / Debris

Light Cover, Difficult Ground


Army List Submissions

BCP Event Name: Torchlight 40K May RTT

You will receive an invite on BCP after purchasing your ticket.

This tournament will be using BCP to track player lists. Lists must be submitted for review at least 3 days before the event. Late submissions will result in a 20 point reduction for your round 1 game.

Never used BCP before? Watch this video to learn how.

Download BCP here:





Round Scoring

We encourage players to the ITC Battles app during the tournament to help speed up scoring and pairings.

Never used ITC Battles before? Watch this video to learn how.

Download ITC Battles here: