OPERATION JUNO: D-day CBT Narrative Event

Saturday, June 8th, 2024
3 Rounds - Clan Invasion Era

"You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, The eyes of the Inner Sphere are upon you.   The hopes of liberty loving castes across the galaxy march with you."  
Galaxy Commander Eisenhower

Join us in commemorating the historical battle for Juno Beach on D-day through a Classic Battletech Charity Tournament. This first of a series of historical CBT events will be based on the epic struggle our Canadian Forces faced on Juno Beach, June 6th, 1944. Land your battlemechs on Juno Beach and pit them against the defenders of the Atlantic Wall to pave the way for the liberation Terra!   We are taking the historical data, photos and accounts to re-enact the historical battle, and ask the age old question. "But what if they had mechs?"

A portion of the proceeds of the event will go to support the veterans of Legion Hall 60.  
Tournament Official Rolo Tecson

Entry and Registration:

  • $40 Entry fee
  • Registration by ticket purchase from Torchlight website
  • Force Table of Organization & Equipment submissions to via Email classicbt.whatif.events@gmail.com
  • Full Rules: Available Shortly, Player Mission details and information packets will be sent shortly.

The fee goes towards prizing for the event as well as pizza and drinks.  Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 players followed by painting/most VP/display/world builder/sportsmanship awards (separate from raffle prizes) then randomized raffle format.

Raffles will be awarded for:

    Showing up! (+1)

    Majority Painted Force (+1)  (75% or more)

    Majority Based Force (+1)  (75% or more)

    Finished Display Board (+1) 

    TO&E List Submitted On Time (+1)  (May 24th)

    Early Bird Sign-up (+1) (Before May 3rd)

    Donation to Legion Hall 60 of more than $5.00 (+1)

Event Format:

More information will come with the tournament packet, bans etc.
Custom scenarios, tournament infopacket/full restrictions releases May 24th

          General Unit List Building:

    6,000 BV Defender and 8,000 BV Attacker, participants must submit both TO&E Force List by May 24th to classicbt.whatif.events@gmail.com

    All finalized, corrected or late TO&E Lists must be submitted no later than final date of May 24th

    Clan Invasion era (Master unit list ONLY) 3050 to 3060 only

    One Faction force construction (Only units from Jade Falcon or ComStar, etc)

    Nominate one unit to be force commander

    Minimum skill 2 (max 2 units)

    Maximum skill 7 (max 2 units)

    No quirks, special unit/faction abilities or mechwarrior skills will be used


                Available/Banned Units:


    Minimum of 4 units (bases) for the entire force

    One-Half of your force MUST include Battlemechs

    Maximum 2 VTOL units

    No WiGE allowed

    No Aerospace units, Conventional Aircraft

    No Conventional Infantry (CI) allowed

    May not include more than 2 copies of any one Battlemech/Vehicle Chassis

    May not include more than 5 copies (A company) of any one, maximum of two types of Battle Armour type.  With a maximum of ¼ your total BV

    Protomechs are allowed, up to ¼ of your forces BV

    Vehicles are allowed, up to ¼ of your forces BV

    C3 and C3i allowed but must be paid for in BV = to 5% BV of the ENTIRE network to each unit.

    Allowed: ECM, TAG, AMS and all equipment listed in the BMM (Battletech Mech Manual Pg.120)

    Allowed: Special Ammunition (BMM Pg.126) must be listed on Record Sheet


                Round Rules:

    Tie Breakers: VPs scored/MoV/Force Commanders Killed/Total BV Destroyed

    3 Rounds, 120 Minutes OR 6 Turns, with forced withdrawl (Defender ONLY), revealed hidden units after Turn 4+ or at GM’s discretion.

    Forced Withdrawal Rules do NOT apply for Attackers

    Rounds and Timer may fluctuate based off attendance

    First round pairing will follow a Carpool system (You will not be paired first round with the people who arrive with you Limit: 4 persons).



                10:30am – Registration Opens & Check-in,

                11:00am – Round 1 Begins

                1-1:30pm – Round 1 Wrap-up and scoring, Game Results Posted

                1:30 - 2:00pm - 30 Minute Break

                2:00pm – Round 2 starts Attackers and Defenders switch roles

                4-4:30pm – Round 2 Wrap-up and Scoring, Game Results Posted

                4:30pm - Pizza and beverages table opens, 30 Minute Break

                5:00pm – Round 3 starts

                7-7:30pm - Game 3 wrap-up and finish

                7:30pm - Game day results and finish, awards and prizes