Updated Sep 5, 2022 - Greg Sholtz

In this quick hobby guide, Greg will be showing you how to quickly paint up some gold armour using shading and drybrushing.

Like any model in the Adeptus Custodes range, the Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought is primarily covered in armour plates. We'll be basing the model in gold and adding in the details afterwards.

Start by laying down a solid coat of Retributor Armour, or apply 2 thin coats of a similar gold by airbrush over a black primer.

For the next step, we'll be applying Reikland Fleshshade to add some depth to the basecoat. You can apply it straight from the bottle, or thin with Lahmian Medium for a lower colour contrast.

Once the shade is dry (~15-20min), apply the first layer of drybrush highlights. We used Ammo Mig's Dio Drybrush Brass. Apply a lighter drybrush layer of Stormhost Silver to highlight the edges of the armour plates.

Add in some more colours and we're all done! You can use this 2-layer drybrush method to paint a model in just a few minutes. Let's see those painted armies on the table!