Welcome to another Torchlight MCP Tournament!
Here's the Longshanks link: www.longshanks.org/event/13924/

Tournament Officials are Kyle V and David V again.
See rules and further details below

Tournament Rules

General Rules

Rule of Thumb: Have fun! Please treat each other, staff members, and organizers with respect. While this is a competitive format with prizing, we are also here for a good time (and hopefully good stories). The tournament will enforce the ITC code of conduct, which can be found here.


Doors Open: 9:00
Game 1: 10:00-11:45
Game 2: 12:00-1:45
Lunch: 1:45-2:30
Game 3: 2:30-4:15
Game 4: 4:30-6:15
Awards & Raffles: 6:30

Format: This will be a 4 game Marvel Crisis Protocol Tournament. Roster selection shall be in line with cuirrent rules, errata, FAQ and Band and Restricted List.

Registration: This Tournament will use the website Longshanks.org to track standings during the event. Players are strongley encouraged to pre register before the start of the event. The longshanks may be private at the time this page is up, and will be made public closer to the date of the event.

Signing up to Longshanks does not guarentee you a spot in the tournament. You must have a ticket purchased at Torchlight or through Torchlight's website. www.longshanks.org/event/13924/


Lunch Break: There are many food opportunities in our plaza. They are nearly all open for you to stay and eat within and so we ask you that you please do not bring outside food back into Torchlight. This goes for any day of the week outside of the tournament as well.

Drinks are permitted of course, and a selection of beverages will be supplied during the event free of charge.

Tokens & Dice: Dice must be rolled in a location visible to your opponent. Tokens must be clearly visible. All information on character abilities and stats are public during the game and freely exchanged between players. Good communication is encouraged, and for the sake of a great event, let the dice spikes be the only big "Gotcha!" moments. If you are using aftermarketdice or measuring tools, please allow your opponent to inspect them and bring up any issues with the tournament offical.

Timing: To ensure each player has equal time to score points, tournament rounds will be 1 Hour 45 minutes with regular timing calls. Once the round time is over, a Hard Dice Down policy will be enforced. Take a breath, Relax, Revel in Stories of your Epic Battle!

Prizing: No Team can win more than one award.

Podium Placing - Determined by the greatest number of wins with Tiebreaker TBD.

Artists Brush Award - There is a prize awarded for Best Painted. How that prize is awarded may be subject to change 9ie, by vote, or by judge, etc)

Sidekick Awards - Goes to Randomly drawn names of everyone who did not win another prize.

Painting & Conversion Rules

Torchlight is proud to be home to a great community of hobbyists. We encourage participants to play with the models they have worked on. Therefore, the following rules will apply.

Conversions: All models must be clearly identifiable as their respective characters. Converted, 3rd party, or scratch-built models are admissible, provided they are similar in size and shape to the original. All models MUST be on the their intended base size. If in doubt ask a judge about the model in question before the event/round or please contact MCP@torchlightgh.com

Painting: Fully painted rosters are encouraged but not required. There is a prize awarded for Best Painted. How that prize is awarded may be subject to change (ie, by vote, or by judge, etc)