Torchlight Games & Hobbies in Burlington is holding its first X-Wing tournament with the help of Tournament Official Tristan Singleton.
Tournament Date: Saturday, February 10th at 10am!

Format: This will be a X-Wing 2.5 Standard game mode event following all up-to-date rules, rules reference documents, rules forum rulings and will follow the standard tournament regulations. Further details on these rules can be found on the AMG website here:

The tournament will be Four rounds and open for 28 Players! Rounds may be reduced to 3 depending on attendance. Lunch after the Second Round.


Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, will receive name on Store X-Wing Trophy in addition to prizing. Raffle Prize entry for everyone who didn't place in top 3. More details may come closer to the event.

To register for the event, please purchase a ticket online with Torchlight Games and Hobbies by clicking the image below.
After purchasing a ticket, you may add yourselves to the Longshanks Event:


Have fun! Please treat each other, staff members, and organizers with respect. While this is a competitive format with prizing, we are also here for a good time (and hopefully good stories).

Entry and Registration:
• $20.00 Entry Fee
• Registration will be through Torchlight Games and Hobbies website and Payment will reserve your spot.
• New Players are always welcome. Fees always go towards prizing for the event and/or Trophy plaques
• Cancellations within 2 weeks of the Event Day will not be elligible for Refund. Sorry!
• One Ticket Per Person. Tickets are non-transferable. Cancelled tickets are added to the prizepool.