30MM Customized Material (Pipe Parts / Multi-Joint)

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BANDAI SPIRITS official material parts new brand "Customize Material"!
"Pipe parts/multi joints" are now available in the customized material series that is ideal for 1/144 scale models, where even beginners can easily add details!
■ "Varnish tube (black/red)" and "lead wire (black/red)" are included.
-Comes with a runner set with multi-joints essential for customization, such as 3mm joints, C-type joints, and detail cover parts.
■If you use the included joint parts, you can easily attach the "varnish tube" or "lead wire" to a hole with a diameter of 3 mm.
■3 types of detail cover parts (round type, hexagonal type, roll bar type) that cover 3mm holes are included.

■Varnish tube (black/red) x 1 each
■Lead wire (black/red) x 2 each
■Multi joint x 1 set

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