30MM #58 EEXM-S03H Forestieri 03 [May 2024]

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30MM Color Variation Grand Prix 1st place! “Forestieri” in color “blue” is now available!
■The most popular item among 30MM fans, chosen with the largest number of votes ever at the "30MM Color Variation Grand Prix."
■The concept of the 30MM series is a "block assembly system" that thoroughly pursues ease of assembly.
■Comes with chest armor and front skirt parts for customization.
■Uses a 3mm joint, a common joint structure that can be mixed with existing 30MM series items, allowing for a variety of customizations.
■In addition to weapons, various hand parts and Roy Roy are included.

■Beam rifle x 1
■Plasma beam sword x 1
■Roi Roy x 1
■Hand parts x 1 set
■Armor x 1 set
■Shointo parts x 1 set

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