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The sixth generation Skyline R30, which is well-known as The Newman Skyline, was a full model change for the C210 series. In October the RS was integrated with a 4 cylinder 4 valve DOHC FJ20 engine and quickly became a popular car. The RS continues with its change in February of 1983, with a turbocharger for the FJ20 and dubbed as "The most powerful car", and the Turbo RS installed with a FJ20ET. The Super Silhouette skyline based on this Turbo RS returns to racing activities. In February 1984, the RS was equipped with an intercooler. It was called Turbo C and the maximum power has increased to 205 horsepower, and it has become the strongest skyline in history. This kit is an assembly type plastic model of Turbo C. The molds for this kit was designed and developed in the 1930s and may not be at the quality of replication in today's standards. However, with the genuine aluminum wheel and aero parts, you are able to build the kit to your preference.


  • Etching parts
  • Genuine aluminum wheels
  • Aero parts
  • Bucket seat
  • 15 inch P7 tires
  • Aluminum number plate

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