Aoshima 1/24 NISSAN GC111 SKYLINE HT2000GTX-E/S '76

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This scale model requires assembly of plastic components and comes unpainted. Please allow about 1 week prior to shipping your order.

Here's a great hands-on way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Skyline: building this kit! From the box: "The C110 series 4th generation Skyline with the popular nickname 'Ken & Mary's Skyline' earned a minor change in September 1975. Of the series, the 2000GTX-E/S was a hot grade following the 'Ken & Mary's' GT-R spirit, equipped with 4 disc brakes, stabilizer and newly added rear wipers. Also, geniuine aluminum wheels became an option for the first time in the Skyline family. With a green color applied to the symbolic GT badge, it opened a new chapter for the history of Skyline.

"This kit replicates the 2000GTX-E/S in its catalog spec. The molds for this kit were designed and developed in the 1970s and may not be at the quanity of replication in today's standards. However, with the updated mold for the front grille, rear panel, genuine aluminum wheels and rear wipers, the final construction has been improved. Also, with the selectable chassis height, custom parts and aluminum wheels, you are able to build the kit to your preference."

Body is molded in white, with chassis and interior in black. Includes clear parts, rubber tires, sets of wheels in chrome and in black, and decals.

Release Date:Aug 2017
Item Size/Weight:32.5cm x 21.5cm x 6.3cm / 350g

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