Aoshima 1/24 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX

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This is an injection-plastic passenger car kit.

The AE86 Trueno, launched in May 1983, dared to adopt an FR layout at a time when FF was the norm. Together with its sibling, the Levin, the Trueno came in two body variations, a three-door hatchback and a two-door coupe.

The name of the model changed depending on the engine: the 4A-G model was called the AE86, while the 1500cc 3A-U model was called the AE85, and its popularity has not waned.

  • The retractable headlights, one of the greatest features of the Trueno, can be opened and closed.
  • The suspension is reproduced with springs.
  • The tail lights and blinkers are molded in clear red and clear orange.
  • Window frame masking stickers included.

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