Bandai: Sega Saturn 2/5 Best Hit Chronicles

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“Sega Saturn”, which celebrated its 25th anniversary, was like a miracle to play arcade games at home.

The game machine that created many hits is made into a plastic model from "BEST HIT CHRONICLE"!


■ Reproduce the faithful detail of Sega Saturn released on November 22, 1994. The contents of the aircraft that could not be seen at that time can be assembled.

■ By the layered structure, the same color coding as the actual machine is realized just by overlapping with crackles.

■ Logo that has been nailed every time you see it on TV and magazines is also reproduced in detail.

■ In addition to the internal structure, the terminals on the back and the power cable socket are also faithfully reproduced.

■ Foil seal is used on the back plate to reproduce the texture.

■ Includes controller and clear disc for game software reproduction. Adopts a specification that decorates the reading part with a foil seal.



■ Kinus seal x1

■ Foil seal x1

■ Lead wire x1

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