BLACK LIBRARY - For Glory and Honour (PB)

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**THERE IS VERY SLIGHT MINOR DAMAGE to the Rear cover of this book. Please email for photos if you are concerned of its condition**

For Glory and Honour

An Adeptus Astartes Collection

Three full length novels, packed with danger, visceral combat, and insight into what makes the Primaris Space Marines such a force to be reckoned with.

This collection shows the Primaris Space Marines in all their glory, pushing back against impossible odds and clawing victory from certain defeat.

Witness the might of the Primaris Space Marines in this bumper edition of novels from the Space Marines Conquests series.

In Fist of the Imperium by Andy Clark, Primaris Librarian Aster Lydorran must use his strength, will, and psychic prowess to uncover a shadowy enemy that preys upon his brothers on the planet of Ghyre.

In Apocalypse by Josh Reynolds, as the Word Bearers threaten to despoil the Ecclesiarchy seat of Almace, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard, and White Scars combine forces to save the world from falling into the hands of Chaos.

And in Ian St. Martin’s Of Honour and Iron, the Dark Imperium beckons, and the Indomitus Crusade has begun – Roboute Guilliman has been resurrected, and his new legions must stop the predations of the Archenemy in order to bring the human race back from the brink of ruin.

In mankind’s darkest hour, as enemies abound and the lines between diplomacy and warfare are ever more blurred, the Space Marines must prevail – for glory and honour.

- Fist of the Imperium by Andy Clark
- Apocalypse by Josh Reynolds
- Of Honour and Iron by Ian St. Martin

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