Black Library: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade Volume Two

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The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Volume Two

A Darkblade Anthology

Malus Darkblade continues his quest for powerful relics, searching for a potent blade, and an amulet, to complete the task that will appease the daemon bound to his soul. His path will test him like never before.

The notorious dark elven warrior Malus Darkblade has a knack for getting into (and out of) some pretty sketchy situations. This omnibus brings his current quest to its climax – but is a noble of the druchii ever truly satisfied?

As a warrior born to the dark elven nobility of Naggaroth, the cruelty and skill of Malus Darkblade is legendary. Possessed by the daemon Tz'arkan, this wicked adventurer set out on a quest to claim the relics he needed to save his twisted soul – and claim his birthright. This second anthology brings three full novels and one short story together, taking you on a wild ride full of danger, action, and dastardly deeds. This is fantasy at its darkest, but most entertaining.

Written by Dan Abnett, Mike Lee, and C L Werner

Warpsword by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Lord of Ruin by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Deathblade by C L Werner
Bloodwalker by C L Werner

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