Warpaints Fanatic Wash: WP3210 Blue Tone

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Warpaints Fanatic is high-quality acrylic paints for models and miniatures. The paints feature an insanely pigment-dense formulation with 300-700% more pigment. Despite this amount of pigment, the paints can be thinned to extreme levels for advanced techniques or applied right over a miniature for effortless coverage while retaining pigment dispersion. This makes the paints extremely versatile and suitable for various techniques and skill levels.

All the Warpaints Fanatic paints come with a new transparent bottle design that makes for an improved colour selection experience. Each bottle comes pre-loaded with high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls, so perfectly blended paint is easy to achieve. Also, the paints feature a secondary Practical Naming Convention (based on the ISCC–NBS System of Colour Designation) to make paint choice easier and more accessible.

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