Dweghom: Stoneforged [Aug 30, 2024]

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The reemergence of Yshkerdos from his presumed death has thrown the Tempered Caste of the Dweghom into disarray. Acknowledged as one of the greatest geniuses of his age, his unorthodox approach to sorcery and its craft revolutionized the field in a society that does not particularly enjoy revolutions or innovations. His ascension to Steel Shaper and presumed death relieved many of his peers who were alarmed at his notions. His sudden reemergence astride a stone behemoth whose revolutionary crystal matrices can be used to channel both Earth and Fire essence has alarmed many of his peers… but no so much that they have not copied his creation and brought it more in line with orthodox Dweghom society, granting the Tempered Caste a powerful new protector in the form of the Stone Forged. Well-armored and incredibly resistant to spells and ranged attacks, the Stoneforged is bound to contest Objective Zones while feeding on resonating elemental potency to enhance its offensive capabilities. Its true capabilities, however, skyrocket when a Steelshaper rides this elemental monstrosity into battle.


  • 1x Stoneforged Miniatures
  • 1x Monster Stand
  • 1x Monster Base
  • 1x Command Card
  • 1x Assembly Instructions

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