Figure-Rise: Kamen Rider Fourze Base States

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From "Kamen Rider Fourze" comes a Forze that has been accurately reproduced in every detail!
■ It is possible to reproduce special moves and characteristic poses in the play with a wide range of motion.
■ "White" and "black" parts use different molding materials to express the difference in texture between suits and masks.
■ Reproduce the difference in texture between a glossy head and a suit that suppresses the glossiness by making full use of different molding materials. By adopting an extra finish, the texture of the silver part is thoroughly pursued.
■ We adopt shading mold to reproduce black line of body.
■ 6 types of switches can be attached and detached.
■ Includes rocket and drill modules and various hand parts that are indispensable for reproducing special moves.
■ Rocket module x 1
■ Drill module x 1
■ Switch parts x 6 types
■ Wrist parts Belt grip Grip hand (right), Grip hand (left and right), Flat hand (left and right)
■ Figure-rise Effect Pedestal x 1
■ Foil seal x 1
■ Realistic decal x 1

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