Frame Arms: Extend Arms 08

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The customization kit series that includes new armor and weapons to transform Frame Arms models, “Extend Arms”, now has a new kit that is made for NSG-12α KOBOLD:RE2!

・The kit includes armor parts for the head, chest, shoulders, forearms, shins, ankles, and body. By changing out the parts for KOBOLD:RE2, users can assemble GULLZWERG.
・New rifle and booster parts are included. The boosters can also be used as shin parts.
・The head sensor is made of clear plastic. The kit also includes clear head parts (front and back) for KOBOLD/WEISHEIT.
・The kit uses a blue color scheme. For the clear parts, besides the ones in GULLZWERG’s color scheme, colorless clear parts are also included.
・The kit includes “FA Hand 2” parts that can also be used with KOBOLD:RE2.

*In order to attach the parts, users will need to remove the main parts of KOBOLD first. For this reason, it is recommended to have the models not pre-assembled when using this kit.


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