Frame Arms: LX-00 Ray Falx

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya’s original series of robot model kits called Frame Arms is back with another mechanized weapon system, the all new LX-00 RAY FALX! One of the most dynamic entries in the line to date, Ray Falx has an overall humanoid shape with highly angular armor panels and a striking, swept back head design. Created for speed and attack power, the LX-00 is also equipped with highly maneuverable articulated wings! Beneath its impressive facade is a basic robot skeleton, or “Frame,” which is highly articulated and covered in universal 3mm attachment points (compatible with Koto’s Modeling Support Goods series and much more) for extreme customization. There’s no painting required thanks to Ray Falx’s chilling white and purple color scheme with gold accents, which comes right out of the box thanks to its parts being molded in pre-colored plastic. And, the LX-00 comes with a wide variety of interchangeable accessories and weapons including large blades that can be mounted on the wings to make them even more fearsome! Perfect for modelers of any skill level, the 7 inch tall (1/100 scale) Ray Falx is comprised of over 350 parts with multiple points of articulation for excellent posting and display options.


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