Frame Arms: Wilber Nine / Second Jive Armore Set Ver.F.M.E.

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This is a special append kit made up of the exterior parts and armor set of the Frame Arms with some of the most unique transformation mechanisms in the series: “RF-12 WILBER NINE” and “RF-12/B SECOND JIVE”.

■ By combining with the separately sold “FRAME ARCHITECT TYPE-001〈GRAY〉:RE2”, users can recreate either “WILBER NINE” or “SECOND JIVE”.
■ The main coloration theme of the armor parts is set as off white. Due to the coloration being one that is easy to paint with, this is a model kit that users can enjoy painting with.
■ The clear parts included are of a transparent clear color for users to paint and customize.

*This product only includes a set of outer armor. The images use an assembled separately sold “FRAME ARCHITECT TYPE-001〈GRAY〉:RE2”.


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