Game Color Wash: 73.208 Yellow

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Game Wash is the color palette for wash effects and techniques on miniatures to represent aging, use, wear and shadow on the surface. It can also be used on other surfaces. Game Wash is a transparent, very liquid acrylic paint that is mainly used for shading techniques on figures and vehicles, as well as for creating glaze and filter effects.

Game Wash is designed for use with the brush, but can also be sprayed with the airbrush with appropriate dilution.

The Washes Sepia and Black are available in a 200 ml can. This makes it possible to quickly shade the figures by simply dipping them completely into the container.

The new plastic bottle made of r-PET (recycled/recyclable) is completely transparent, improves color visualization and reinforces Acrylicos Vallejo's commitment to sustainability and the environment. The new closure comes with a security seal.

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