Gundam Seed: Figure-rise Lacus Clyne

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", "Lacus Clyne" is three-dimensionalized with Figure-rise Standard!
■ Comes with 3 different facial expressions: a normal face, a smiling face and a troubled face. Usually the face is expressed by tampo printing. Water slide decals are used for smiles and troubled faces.
■ Plastic model original miniskirt version can also be reproduced.
■ Various hand parts and halo, which was called "Pink-chan" in Lacus, are included.

■ Facial expression parts (tampo printing) x 1 type
■ Facial expression parts x 2 types
■ Wrist parts: Flat hands (left and right), prayer hands (left and right), halo handles (left and right)
■ Pink halo (open ears, closed ears) x 1 type each
■ Foil sticker x 1
■ Water slide decal x 1
■ Display pedestal x 1

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