Hasegawa: 1:24 Nissan Bluebird 1600 SSS P510WTK 1969

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A small passenger car named Bluebird was born on August 1, 1959. The Bluebird 310 series monopolized the popularity of the market as soon as it was released, established a solid position as a family car, and many are exported to overseas markets. Of all the Bluebirds, the one that received the most attention was the third-generation 510 series, which debuted in August 1967. The 510 series is a complete change from the voluminous style of the old 410 series, and its styling is called the Supersonic Line, and was designed with the image of an ultra-high-speed jet aircraft. The power unit is a 4-cylinder OHC, and the 1300 series for family use uses the L13 type with a single carburetor.

The 1600SSS (abbreviation for super sports sedan) is equipped with the L16 type equipped with SU twin carburetors. The suspension is a four-wheel independent suspension, achieving excellent cornering performance and excellent maneuverability. Nissan has been actively participating in international rallies, and in March 1970, the 1600SSS achieved the remarkable feat of winning both the overall and team championships at the 18th Safari Rally, demonstrating the excellence of the Bluebird to the world. 《Data》 Seating capacity: 5 people Overall length: 4,120mm Overall width: 1,560mm Overall height: 1,410mm Vehicle weight: 930kg Total displacement: 1,595cc Maximum output: 100ps/6,000rpm Maximum torque: 13.5kg/4,000rpm

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