Hasegawa: 1:24 Toyota MR2 (AW11) L Ver. G-Limited Super Charger (T Bar Roof)

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 Japan's first mass-produced mid-engine sports car! A kit version of the late model top grade G-Limited supercharger and T-bar roof equipped vehicle. The first-generation MR2, released in 1984, was the first commercially available mid-engine sports car from a Japanese automaker, and won the 1984 Japanese Car of the Year award. A later model was introduced in 1986, and was equipped with a supercharger and a T-bar roof.

The kit reproduces the late model top grade "G-Limited" based on thorough interviews with actual vehicles. The engine is made into parts that are visible when the engine hood is opened. Retractable headlights can be opened and closed. A normal roof, naturally aspirated engine hood, and AT shift lever/pedal are included as bonus parts.

The body parts color is white. The mirror surfaces of the headlights, tail lights, mirror surfaces of the door mirrors, and muffler cutter are gloss plated parts, and the aluminum wheels are matte plated parts. Comes with stickers to color the windows.

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