Heavy Metal L-Gaim: HG L-Gaim

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-From [Heavy Metal L-Gaim], the upgraded L-Gaim is now in the HG series!

--Adjusted the balance of the head parts with the new design and changed the division of the thigh parts. More stylish.
--The shoulder has been changed to a ball axis to improve mobility.
-New parts make it possible to pull out your arms back and forth.
--The Buster Launcher is created with a new mold to improve color coding.
-Comes with new joint parts that can be attached to Action Base 5.

・ Buster Launcher x 1
・ Power launcher x 2
・ Saber x 1
・ Solar binder x 1
・ S mine x 2
・ Land booster (light) x 1
・ Hand parts x 7 types Flat hand (left and right), grip hand (left and right), Saber hand (right), Buster launcher hand (right), Mk hanging hand (left and right)
・ Tube (thin) x 2
・ Tube (thick) x 1
・ Action base 5 joint parts for connection x 1

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