Hexa Gear: Ex Armore Type - Monoceros 1/24

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EX ARMOR TYPE: MONOCEROS. This new Armor Type emblazoned with the emblem of the Liberty Alliance was designed with a motif based on its namesake, the one-horned mythical creature known as Monoceros, or unicorn.
Unlike the universal Armor Type designs that prioritize life support capabilities, Monoceros was developed for offensive purposes. Designed for utilization with the super soldiers created by Hakua Riken as part of a research project to create a stronger human body, Monoceros is a difficult armor type to use, as many of its features are dependent on the user’s specific abilities.
In order to stand against threats to the Liberty Alliance such as Zoanthropus Lowe and Para-Pawn Expander, the super soldiers must overcome the limits on their physical strength and senses. These super soldiers have been modified to free them from the need to depend on machinery, but their existence as the strongest fighters amongst the human race comes at the price of their humanity. There is one recorded example of a soldier equipping a Monoceros and engaging with an Expander. Although only for a short time, the soldier was able to overpower the expander in an unprecedented showing of strength, earning that soldier the special title of “Byakurinkaku.”

・Laser Blade
・Lightweight Blade x2
・Limb Expansions
・Iron Nails

Model Specifications:
・Despite its small stature of 93mm, the model boasts over 30 points of articulation.
・The parts are made of a variety of materials, including ABS and POM for the hand parts. The HEXA G-R.A.M. on the back of the model is made of PVC, allowing for a wider range of movement.
・The included sword can be placed in the model’s hand or in the manipulators of the limb expansions that attach to the back of the model.
・The limb expansions come with two types of manipulators; one for holding weapons, and one for recreating “centaur mode” where the limbs are attached to the model’s lower back to recreate the appearance of a centaur.
・The laser blade can be attached to the side armor using the included mount parts for the blade. The blade can also be attached to other separately sold Governor models using a universal 3mm mount part.
・The lightweight blade can be connected to the side armor using the 2mm connection points on the base of the blade. The blade can also be attached to other separately sold Governor models using a universal 3mm mount part.
・The model is equipped with a connector on the back piece, which allows you to attach a “HEXA G-R.A.M System” and a variety of parts. ・The head, abdomen, and legs are partially pre-painted.

Included Items:
・Governor Ex Armor Type: Monoceros base body x1
・Hand parts (holding sword, default weapon holding, open, closed) x1 set each
・Limb expansion manipulators (holding weapon, centaur mode) x1 set each
・Specialized mount part (for the 2mm connector on the laser blade) x1
・Universal mount part A (for the 3mm connector on the laser blade) x1
・Universal mount part B (for the 3mm connector on the lightweight blade) x2
・Archive Card x1


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