HGBB #001 Gundam Helios 1/144

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The "Gundam Breaker Battlogue Project", which links Gunpla and games, will be launched worldwide in the summer of 2021! !!

The original aircraft of the project will appear in the anime "Gundam Breaker Batlog" scheduled to be distributed in the fall of 2021.
The original aircraft is now available as an HG Gunpla series that can be customized just like the game!
■ Gundam Breaker Mobile's main character "Gundam Areus" is now available in a design that brings together various Gundam designs!
■ Features Freedom Gundam wings and double satellite cannon with impressive connection method.
■ Various weapons such as beam rifle, large beam sword, beam shield, etc. are also included.
■ Double satellite cannon
■ Beam rifle x 1
■ Large beam sword x 2
■ Beam shield x 1
■ Foil sticker x 1
■ Hand parts x 1 set

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