HGUC #170 Silver Bullet

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From the realm of Gundam UC Mobile Suit Variations comes the deadly Silver Bullet! Appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Bande Dessinee, the Silver Bullet is adapted from the powerful Doven Wolf. A more powerful Suit than its predecessor, the Silver Bullet features a variety of gimmicks to add to the build experience of this kit:


■ This highly detailed and articulated snap-fit kit is molded in multiple shades of gray, with stickers for decoration. 

■ Faceplate can be changed out to feature either the GM-style or Gundam-style head! 

■ Backpack is equipped with Beam Cannon deployment gimmick 

■ Large missile can be mounted on the Suit.

■ Missile launcher hatch can be closed or opened.

■ Suit equipped with INCOM storage gimmick.

■ INCOM Wire effects and Stand included for dynamic action poses! 

■ Shield features telescoping gimmick.


Accessories: Rifle, Shield, Large Anti-Ship Missile x2, Beam Saber x2, INCOM x2,

INCOM Stand x2, Manipulator x5, Faceplate x2 (Gundam Style, GM Style)

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