LIMEX Skeleton: Triceratops

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A memory of life that you can touch and feel
Dinosaur skeleton case
A plastic model of the dinosaur skeleton. Dinosaur skeleton plastic model "Triceratops" is now available.
Uses a new material "LIMEX" that contains a lot of minerals. The head to tail is reproduced with a special modelling of about 160 mm.
What is LIMEX?
<New material that is friendly to the global environment>
A new molding material born in Japan.
The main raw material contains 50% or more of limestone, greatly reducing the use of conventional petroleum-derived resins.
We are aiming for sustainable resource recycling as a material that can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
● By adopting the new material "LIMEX", the existence of fossils has a reality, and it is a plastic model that you can feel the breath of life that lived in ancient times.
Dry feel like plaster
The matte surface has a soft luster
The specific weight of limestone is higher than that of conventional plastic, and it feels heavy.
● Since the parts of the joints are divided, it is possible to display in a posture that matches the image.
-Reproduce the unique tooth shape of a herbivorous dinosaur that grinds plants. Reproduced with discerning modeling
set content
Dinosaur skeleton plastic model Triceratops x 1 

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