Maschinen Krieger: Luna Tactical Reconnaissance Machine LUM-168 CAMEL 1/20 Scale Model Kit

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This machine is operated by the mercenary army. In order to attack the Strahl military's military facilities on the moon, it was developed as a general-purpose lunar combat vehicle with a firearm and mobility that were too large to be mounted on a space armored combat suit. However, after the battle suit with its large firepower and high mobility was put into service, it began to be used alongside the Luna Pawn as a multi-purpose reconnaissance aircraft. About the kit: Legs are movable using poly parts. The inside of the cockpit, which itself becomes a rescue ball in case of an emergency, has been precisely reproduced down to the last detail! A pilot figure in a simple space suit is included. The cockpit and fuselage joint defense cover (new setting) is now available as an optional part! The decals are silk screen printed with good color. A familiar painting card is also included. Prototype production: Mr. Maki Seto Figure prototype: Mr. Saito Heal The original author Hiroshi Yokoyama is in charge of the package illustration.

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