MSG Gigantic Arms: 06 Rapid Raider

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Kotobukiya’s new branch of the Frame Arms customizable plastic model kit series is Gigantic Arms, not robot units but rather complete add-on kits for your existing models.  The Gigantic Arms offer incredible new options for your displays of Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls, and more, and the latest addition to the line is the sleek and powerful 06 RAPID RAIDER!  A power suit-style upgrade kit, the Raider provides you with black, gold, and gray parts that can be used as armor for your plastic model kits or assembled as a futuristic motorcycle.  The set is comprised of approximately 150 pieces that can be combined in any way you like, including the 9 inch long vehicle.  There are even alternative parts for extra customization as well as decals for decoration.  Not only does this set work with the other robot lines and Modeling Support Goods, but it can also be built with the Armed Breaker and Convert Carrier kits to create an ultimate Rapid Raider!


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