MSG Gigantic Arms: Wild Crawler

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Full length: approx 260mm.

-[Small tracked motorcycles] compatible with various action models of around 150mm, such as Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device, have appeared as Gigantic Arms.

-Hexagram system compatible with hexagear is adopted for each part of the aircraft, and it can be combined with various series.
-Characteristic crawler unit can change the quantity to be used in one unit. In addition, the use of multiple sets of frame parts fitted with wheels, etc. can theoretically be connected infinitely, making it possible to produce large tracks.
-Attachment parts for docking with Gigantic Arms 05 Convert Carrier (sold separately) and rear seats that can be equipped with a hexagear governor are included for a wide range of enjoyment.
* The molded color of the body is the same as Desert Yellow and Gun Metallic as Hexa Gear [Booster Pack 003 Desert Buggy].

-Since the crawler belt unit is made by connecting parts that are separately molded one by one, it is very flexible and can be changed to your preferred length. It is possible to reproduce the `crawling sagging` expressed by tank models etc. by setting it longer.
-Suspension gimmicks with springs are built into the frame parts where the wheels are installed, and the ups and downs of the car body can be reproduced by weight. Also, it is theoretically possible to extend the wheel frame parts infinitely by using multiple sets.
-4 extra tracks are included on each side so you can extend it as you like.
-The starter wheel with teeth on the outer periphery is structured so that it fits snugly into the groove of the crawler parts, so that the crawler belt can be linked when it is rolled.
-Two types of rear seats are included: NON scale compatible [normal seat] for carrying FA girls, etc. [1/24 scale seat] for boarding the governor, and two rear hatches tailored to each design included To do.
-It is possible to produce a robot with a tank leg using a docking unit that is compatible with Frame Arms (sold separately, Type 48, Type 1). Using optional hexagear parts, tank legs can be used for various robot legs.
-A combination with the optional hexa gear [Booster Pack 003 Desert Buggy] and [Booster Pack 004 Multi Pod] is assumed and you can play in combination.
-It can also be enjoyed as a cargo transport vehicle using docking parts with the container part of [Gigantic Arms 04 Armed Breaker] and [Gigantic Arms 05 Convert Carrier] sold separately.
-When using [Normal Sheet], the box in the center of the aircraft can open and close the upper lid, so you can put small items.
-The front part is shaped like the front half of a motorcycle, and you can board an FA girl (sold separately). In addition, the step part of the foot can move flexibly and corresponds to various models.
* Some limitations may not be possible due to shape restrictions. Please note.
-The light cover can be removed, and the inside expresses the texture with clear molding.

・ Wild crawler body X 1
・ Normal sheet x 2
・ Small box for normal seat x 2
・ 1/24 scale sheet x 4
・ Preliminary crawler belt x 8 (4 on each side)
・ Hiraki / Kou compatible docking unit x 1
・ Conversion carrier compatible attachment parts x 1

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