MSG Heavy Weapon Unit: #23 Magia Blade

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The perfect weapon unit for Playing Base A! This Heavy Weapon Unit is inspired by the magically summoned blades you often seen in fantasy and science fiction. This innovative item can be displayed in a variety of ways, from a hexagonal summoning formation to spread out around a character as they prepare to assail their enemy with a rain of daggers. Get this kit to recreate scenes from your favorite anime, games, or manga!


Product Specifications:

 The hexagonal summoning plate, or “Magia Fields,” are made with clear green plastic and equipped with a 3mm hole in the middle allowing you to use it with a variety parts from other kits, such as the Hexa Gear mini flying base.

 The kit includes 18 mini “laser blades” equipped with 3mm connectors that are compatible with a variety of parts and attachments.

 The “Hexa Mount” can be attached with six laser blades to create a large throwing star.

 The clear Y-shaped attachment parts are equipped with four 3mm holes and can be equipped with a combination of attachments and laser blades.

 The set includes the same attachments from Playing Base A for even more display possibilities.


Included Items:

 Magia Field (clear green) x6

 Mini Laser Blade (clear green) x18

 Hexa Mount x3

 Hexa Mount Joint x3

 Y-shaped Joint (clear) x6

 Playing Base Attachments (clear) x1 set


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