MSG Mecha Supply: #10 Detail Cover Type A

Sale price$16.99


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Coming next from Kotobukiya’s elite Modeling Support Goods lineup is another kit adding some unique display elements to your models, the MECHA SUPPLY 10 DETAIL COVER TYPE A!  Perfectly scaled to the various Kotobukiya robot model lines, this new set provides you with approximately 50 pieces molded in a highly detailed gray plastic that you can use to equip your robots, vehicles, and other models.  3mm attachment spacer joints and cover parts let you extend and add elements to your models or cap off unused attachment joints in visually appealing ways.  Use in combination with other Modeling Support Goods parts and weapons from Kotobukiya for unlimited options in building, posing, and equipping your Frame Arms, Border Break, and other robot models!


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