Necromunda: Zone Mortalis - Platforms and Stairs

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Key Features

  • Expand your Zone Mortalis with extra stairs and platforms

  • Design your own layouts with this flexible set

  • Fully compatible with the other Zone Mortalis kits

    The Zone Mortalis is literally "the deadly ground" – short-range gunflights take place as fighters dart between cover and brutal melee is almost impossible to escape from.

    Add to your Zone Mortalis terrain with additional platforms and stairs. This set contains:
    – 2 Stairs
    – 16 Platforms
    – 2 Wide Platforms
    – 12 Railings
    – 4 Ladders
    – 1 Lift

    This highly detailed plastic kit has been designed to be as interchangeable as possible offering maximum opportunity to create different layouts. It's fully compatible with all other Zone Mortalis kits

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