Nier Automata: Devola & Popola BRING ARTS Figure [Q2 2023]

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Devola, and Popola From NieR:Automata, the two older-model androids who bear the burden of their past sins, are now available as a Bring Arts set.

Both mobility and beauty of form are achieved through utilizing a soft material at various parts on their symmetrically paired costume. The figure faithfully recreates their presence in the game from their brilliant red hair to their slightly sorrowful expressions. The figures also come with the Type-3 Sword, one additional head and four hand parts each. These figures allow you to further enjoy the world of NieR:Automata.

Display stand included.

Figure Size:         Devola: W 1.76” x D 1.01” x H 5.88”
                             Popola: W 1.76” x D .90” x H 5.88”

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