Nords: Vargyr Lord Artisan Series

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This Artisan Series release is dedicated to high quality, handcrafted sculpt and resin. Not all who are granted the curse of the Vargyr succumb to it. While most are capable of retaining some semblance of humanity, few could be said to have prospered. The Vargr Lord represents those that have reached the pinnacle of control over their form. Capable of controlling their change, these savage warriors have managed to retain their human minds in their bestial forms, creating a perfectr mix of animal savagery and human cunning. Quickly establishing their dominance over their feral brethren these terrifying warriors take to the field with a twisted menagerie of monstrous followers, falling upon the hapless foe in an avalanche of tooth and claw.  

HOW THEY PLAY: A brutal transformation of a Blooded enhances this mighty warrior's martial prowess to unparalleled levels. Faster, stronger, and more resilient than before, they stand as formidable front-line brawlers, primed to confront the fiercest of foes.


  • 1 Premium Resin Miniature
  • 1 Dioramic Base
  • 1 Command Card and can be paired with Artisan Konungyr for unique play

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