Orc & Goblin Tribes: Dice Set

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  • Join the Waaagh! with this set of 20 themed dice
  • Pearlescent green dice with blood red markings
  • Each D6 features a leering Orc & Goblin Tribes icon on the '6' face

This set includes 20 Orc & Goblin Tribes themed dice. They are cast in pearlescent green, with blood red ink markings. The six-sided dice boldly features an Orc & Goblin faction icon, on the '6' face of each dice.

Contains 20x 16mmx16mmx16mm dice:

– 18x Orc & Goblin Tribes D6 dice
– 1x Artillery dice (labelled 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Misfire)
– 1x Scatter dice

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