Ultramarines: Primaris Upgrades

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This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with iconography and details specific to the heroic Ultramarines Chapter. 20 components in total are included:
  • 5 Ultramarines Mk X power armour shoulder pads, for use with Hellblasters and Intercessors;
  • 3 purity seals;
  • 2 Ultramarines Mk X Gravis power armour shoulder pads for use with Aggressors;
  • 2 bare heads (one with hair, one without);
  • 1 Ultramarines helmeted head;
  • 1 Marksman’s honour;
  • 1 Mk X power armour shoulder pad, designed for Sergeants/characters from Hellblaster and Intercessor squads;
  • 1 Mk X Gravis power armour shoulder pad, designed for Sergeants/ characters from Aggressor squads;
  • 1 Sergeant/character arm holding a gladius (and a scabbard for said gladius);
  • 1 Sergeant/character arm with an auspex;
  • 1 grenade pouch.

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