Sakura Wars: HG Spiricle Striker Mugen (Claris Type) 1/24

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From "Sakura Wars the Animation", "Reiko Fighter Mugen (Claris Machine)" is lined up in HG!
■ Equipped with an open gimmick in the cockpit hatch.
■ Adopted an extension gimmick that expands the range of action poses for the joints of the hands and feet. The limbs can be expanded and contracted.
■ A closed spellbook and an open spellbook are included.
■ The page part of the opened spellbook is reproduced by cutting out the instruction manual.
■ Character figure of boarding figure is attached.

■ 2 types of spellbooks (closed spellbook, open spellbook)
■ Foil seal x 1
■ Jewel seal x 1
■ Water slide decal x 1

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